Success Stories

Pam Balls (Yes, she's been there) - After ten years, life is better than ever!
Mary Valerio - I lost weight and fell in love with bootcamp!
Melissa McNamee -I’ve lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks and I’ll take that.
Melissa Stewart - I enjoy coming back each day for more!
Steven Martinez - When I first Started I Could Barely Do 12 Pushups
Susan Okerlund - I have lost 30 pounds and holding!
Amber Pace - Part of Success is taking a moment to realize how far you've come
Christine Velasquez - I want to BREATHE
Tammy Willis - I will finish the 7 weeks I paid for, then I'm OUT
Jody Hansen - at 58 yrs old, I now feel the best I have in years!
Julia - Bootcamp has allowed me to form lasting friendships
Darcy Rawson - I love being fit!
Beannie Riddle - I found my body again!