Personal trainer taylorsville UT

Personal Training

WHERE DO YOU BEGIN WITH AN EXERCISE PROGRAM?  What does a good exercise program look like?  Pam will start you with the basics having the goal to progress you each week,  giving you your own toolbox of exercise plans for a life long habit of progression to become healthy and fit.

Personal training  is for the beginner as well as the veteran exerciser.  Exercise brings improvement throughout your life. Personal training comes with a price but every minute is yours and not a minute is wasted

In your Personal Training toolbox comes:

  • Regular Fitness Assessments as long as you work your plan faithfully
  • A Training plan which is progressed every week
  • 50 minutes of personal training time
  • Incentives to constantly improve
  • Nutrition Education and Weight Loss training if needed


Initial fitness assessment – 1 hour- $45
Training plan – $45
Each Personal Training Session – $40

Payment due in advance dependent on Personal Training sessions per month decided upon by client and trainer.


About Pam

Pam Balls is a certified personal trainer holding several nationally recognized certifications:

  • NASM Weight Loss Specialist
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. She is also certified in Group Exercise, Yoga, Cycling and Water Aerobics. She has worked for 10 years in the fitness industry and started Boot Camp Strong nearly 6 years ago in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a passion for fitness training and helping participants make fitness a life long goal. Her goal is to help you realize that hard work and commitment are non-negotiable for lifetime fitness through cardio, strength, flexibility and nutrition. Whether working on a group or personal level, she strives to motivate you to work hard and reap the life long benefits of exercise.

Pam’s Philosophy

It is never too late, so try something new, work hard, have fun and watch your body begin to do things you never thought possible, reaping the benefits of a healthy long life.